The UK’s Premier Horror Escape Scenarios

Murder Mansion

Your most recent paranormal investigation has led to you travelling to an otherworldly locale where you've stumbled upon an enormous, menacing estate. They don't call it Murder Mansion for nothing you know...
Fright Factor
Game length:
60 minutes
Number of players:
2 - 7
Required age for players:


You are a team of world renowned paranormal investigators, experts in exorcising demons.

Several days ago, you received a call from a desperate young man pleading with you to come to his mansion here in London.

After several teams of investigators attempted and failed to discover the truth behind the demonic entity that stalks the halls, you are his last resort, his final hope.

Your job is to enter the mansion, survive the spirits that haunt the rooms, and finally rid the house of the demon known as Balgaxuth.

Please note: Players under 16 years of age are not permitted and will be denied entry to this game.