The UK’s Premier Horror Escape Scenarios

Escape from Wonderland

Welcome to a nightmare world where nothing is quite as it seems. Can you outsmart the horror that is hunting you and ultimately escape from wonderland or will you succumb to the darkness forever?
Fright Factor
Game length:
60 minutes
Number of players:
2 - 6


Welcome to Wonderland dear friends!

The Mad Hatter has called you to this dark land of magic, mystery and wonder for a simple task.

The Cheshire Cat hasn’t been seen in a while and worse, he’s not RSVP’D to the Hatter’s tea party! You must enter Wonderland, solve its mysteries, survive its perils and work out just what is wrong with the Cheshire Cat and (hopefully) fix him up.

Of course, dear friends, in a land as mad as this, death is always watching….