The UK's Premier Horror Escape Scenarios

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The UK’s Premier Horror Escape Scenarios

Our Scenarios

What do our scenarios involve?

  1. We operate the most immersive Horror Escape scenarios in the UK
  2. Teams of between 2 and 6 people have 60 minutes to work through a scenario and attempt to escape
  3. You must find clues, solve puzzles and try your best to survive the terrors which await you!
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How to play Horror Escape?

1. Book

Book your preferred scenario through our website. Each scenario offers a unique theme, varying degrees of difficulty, key objectives and scare intensity.

2. Arrive

Please arrive 10-15 mins before your allotted slot to ensure you are fully relaxed and prepared before entering your ultra intense scenario!

3. Brief

Our experienced game masters will introduce you to the scenario and explain your key objectives and overall goal before you begin your quest.

4. Assess

Once you begin the scenario, you will need to assess each situation you are in carefully to discover clues, items and puzzles which will allow you to progress further.

5. Work Together

Team work makes the dream work… Work together with your team to solve the puzzles and challenges to progress successfully through the scenario.

6. Debrief

Following completion of the scenario, your game master will provide an overview of your successes and failures, as well as showing you how to complete any failed challenges.

Who Is Horror Escape For?

Friends & Family

Our escape scenarios offer something for every member of your family or circle of friends.


Horror escape offers a unique, alternative activity for students looking for a thrilling and exciting experience.

Puzzle Fans

Our varying difficulty levels ensure that every puzzle fan can have a challenging but enjoyable experience


Individuals who enjoy playing video games love these real life, fun and immersive adventures.


Horror escape is a great social activity for co-workers, providing an interactive experience that you’ll never forget!


Offering a unique experience for tourists looking to enjoy the best entertainment that London has to offer.


Excellent for organisations looking for a different and exciting team building activity.


Most importantly, Horror Escape is for everyone who is looking to be thrilled and challenged.

What Makes us Different?

We operate…

the most immersive and exhilarating horror escape scenarios in the UK

Each of our scenarios…

has been designed by specialists, tested hundreds of times and refined to ensure the ultimate horror escape experience every time

Our scenarios…

make use of the latest technology, including fully functional animatronics

Each of our scenarios…

are private, this means you won’t be playing with anybody you aren’t fully comfortable with, whether you’re 2 or 6 people

Every member of our team…

is an escape scenario enthusiast, bringing experiences from across the globe to ensure our scenarios remain challenging, exciting and innovative